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Academy-Award winning actor, Grammy-Award winning singer, and veteran comedian Jamie Foxx is far from a Black cliche, but his monologue on last night’s Saturday Night Live was one huge stereotype after another. In fact, it was exactly what I envision a modern-day Amos n’ Andy episode would encapsulate — and Foxx was Kingfish and  Lightening all rolled into one.

His jokes last night — with the exception of President Barack Obama being more Black during his second term — were clearly designed to engage a White audience. And even his references to the POTUS didn’t extend past dancing, basketball and tardiness.

And as he said to the predominantly White crowd: “How Black is that?”

No, not the stereotypes themselves, but following a long tradition of Black comedy centered around White perceptions.

Seriously, it couldn’t have been more lowbrow if Foxx had done “the Dougie” over to a piano, sang a song about a “big booty ho” for his birthday and started dancing around with 2Chainz — the missing Ying Yang triplet.

But wait, that’s exactly what he did.


See Foxx’s monologue below:

And as a special treat, he did a parody of Tyler Perry, because no show is complete without  Madea saying she needs to “pop a cap” in someone.

I kid you not:

Check out the clips and let me know in the comment section. Am I missing the mark and being too hard on Foxx — who is undeniably talented under usual circumstances? Did you think he was funny?


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