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A lawyer from Brooklyn, N.Y., was arrested after she allegedly skipped out on paying a $6 cab fare and throwing her panties at police officers, the New York Post reports.

The New York Police Department says that 39-year-old Stephanie Hendricks was very drunk when they found her in front of a deli in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. When the cops confronted Hendricks, she allegedly and yelled, “Suck my p—y,’’ and, “Eat my ass, you f–king pigs!”

The deli owner said he was shocked by the woman’s actions.

“Normally we don’t see people cursing a police officer,” deli owner Mohammad Rahman, 54, told The Post. “But then she opened her clothes in front of the police officer, in front of us. She looked crazy.”

“She . . . showed everything to the cop . . . She had no panties.

“The cops were saying, ‘Calm down, lady. Calm down. Be cool,’ ” Rahman said.

The whole embarrassing incident was caught on the deli’s surveillance video, which shows Hendricks charging out of the shop, her butt exposed, and lunging at officers. Of course, the cops took her down to the ground. Hendricks was arrested and charged with theft of services, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and exposure and other charges.

When The Post caught up with Hendricks, she admitted to her lewd behavior.

“My boyfriend broke up with me,” an embarrassed Hendricks explained yesterday to The Post. “I went out. I got drunk. I had a bad night.

“It was obviously an altercation, but I have no recollection from a certain point in the evening.

“Everyone was in a festive mood,” she said. “Things were flowing. Then things got out of control. I was wasted — all caps bold. You couldn’t get bigger, all caps bold, wasted.”

Here is more from The Post:

She said she regrets her behavior and tried to apologize to police yesterday.

She worries that her sloppy antics will sink her career.

“I’m a sole practitioner,” Hendricks said, sobbing. “I solicit business from the public.”

Two of her clients were befuddled by the wacky incident.

“Wow, that’s an absolutely bizarre story to hear,” one said, while another added, “I’m completely shocked and appalled to hear this because that doesn’t sound like her in the least.”

The client described Hendricks as a hardworking professional whom she has recommended to many business colleagues.

According to Hendricks’ Web site, she has given legal talks at several New York State Bar Association conferences and served on their committees.

As bad as her behavior was, Hendricks believes she will be able to move beyond the embarrassing episode.

“Everybody has something like this happened to them,” the lawyer reasoned, “Life will go on. I will survive.”