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When a rap he wrote as a teenager ended up on MySpace years later, Antavio Johnson found the police at his door—and now, he’s been sentenced to two years’ hard time for a song lyric.

Antavio Johnson wrote “Kill Me a Cop,” a rap song threatening to murder two police officers he said had harassed him. The song announced: “Im’ma kill me a cop one day.” It called out two specific officers—one male, one female—by name, both of the Lakeland, Florida, Police Department, both of whom would be shot with a “Glock” in the “dome” if they ever “get my timing wrong.”

A couple of years later, Lakeland detectives researching gang life on the Internet found Johnson’s song on a MySpace page belonging to an entity called Hood Certified Entertainment. Already in jail for violating probation on a cocaine conviction, the now-20-year-old Johnson was convicted on two counts of a weirdly titled crime he had probably never heard of: “corruption by threat of public servant.”

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