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Police in Lynchburg, Va., are looking for 18-year-old Jamisha Gilbert (pictured) who went missing last week, reports.

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Gilbert last spoke with her mother on the phone on November 27th, when she apologized for keeping her younger brother out later than expected. Then she said something that troubled her Mom, “She said, ‘I just wanted to hear your voice,'” Norma Gilbert-Eldridge said. “That’s when I started to worry.”

That ended up being the last time Gilbert-Eldridge heard from her.

When Gilbert couldn’t be found through Thanksgiving weekend, Gilbert-Eldridge filed a missing persons report. Shortly after beginning their search, authorities found Gilbert’s 2002 Honda Accord in a heap off the Concord Turnpike.

The car showed significant signs of damage.

“The side-view mirror was off, and some other parts of the car,” Gilbert-Eldridge revealed. “The headlight was off and the railing where she had hit—it had a lot of the paint from the car.”

The Lynchburg Police Department has set up a command post along the turnpike. Officers, along with firefighters and the Virginia State Police, are searching for Gilbert via land, boat, and air.

“We do not have any information that she is with anybody at this time. And we have no information that there’s any danger to the public,” said LPD Lieutenant Dave Gearhart.

The department has found some clothing during its search, although they haven’t been able to confirm that it is Gilbert’s. Still, at this point, they are assuming it belongs to her.

“We are treating this as a suspicious missing person, and we are concerned for her safety at this point as we have been from the beginning,”  Gearhart said.

Watch a news report about Gilbert here:

Gilbert-Eldridge has a simple message for her daughter: “Your safety, you coming home, that’s what it’s about. That’s what we want, we want you. Come on back home.”

“I keep thinking that it is something similar to Alexis Murphy, but I don’t want to think like that,” said Diamond Blake, one of Gilbert’s friends, referencing a similar, unsolved case in the state.

“Something bad happen[ed] to her, like she got kidnapped or something. I don’t want to think bad things but that’s the only thing that has popped in to my head.”

Anyone with information as to Gilbert’s whereabouts can call 1-434-455-4090.

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