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Video of a police stop in The Bronx has landed the NYPD under hot water, showing officers restraining and arresting a man who apparently was doing nothing wrong, the New York Daily News reports.

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The five minute clip, taken near Pelham Parkway on the BX12 bus line last weekend, shows the man in heated argument with the officers. He immediately questions their roughness, saying, “You put your hands on me!” adding, “Yes you did, son!” in response to their denials.

Watch video of the confrontation and arrest here:

“Why you holdin me, man?” he later asks. “S*it is crazy.”

While reasons for the stop remain cloudy, witnesses claim it had something to do with him proving he’d paid his bus fare.

“He ain’t do nothin,” the man recording the incident-Monroe College student Dariel Reyes– soon says. “He grabbed him off the bus, just put his hands on him.”

The man attempts multiple times to stand up, only for the two officers to grab his arms. Eventually, the man manages to stand, only for the officers to wrestle him around.

“Why you makin’ this harder on yourself?” the female officer asks him as the male officer holds him in what appears to be a full-nelson restraint.

“I’m a grown a** man, dog!” the man yells while being held. “Get off of me! Get the f**k off of me!” Additional officers soon arrive to help restrain the man before they pin him to the ground in a dogpile. He is then handcuffed before the video ends.

Reyes later posted the video to his Facebook, where it has garnered hundreds of comments and shares.

“I hate witnessing s**t like this mannnnn!” Reyes captioned with the video. “This man did no crime! He paid his bus fair! Had the receipt in hand and all.”

Another video taken at the same locations shortly afterwards shows the officers aggressively arresting a man who recorded the incident.

A petition urging Mayor DeBlasio to investigate the incidents is making the rounds on

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