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Infamous White supremacist Craig Cobb has offered support to former officer Eric Casebolt after a viral video showing him roughly detaining a young Black teenager led to his resignation from the McKinney Police Department in Texas, according to Raw Story.

Cobb’s new White nationalist movement has offered a safe haven to the now-unemployed cop. Cobb’s group, Antler, ND PLE – which stands for Pioneer Little Europe – is working to set up an enclosed community in a North Dakota town. The 63-year-old currently lives in Sherwood, 17 miles away from the close-knit town.

While Cobb has attempted a crowd funding campaign, his followers have created a Facebook group for their movement and welcomed Casebolt to join their Whites-only utopia.

In a separate post, the group says they’re happy to invite people like Casebolt and anyone affected by what they call the “Anti-White witch hunt.”

Anyone who was fired from their jobs due to the Anti-White witch hunt, we would love to have you come and live and work in the Antler PLE. We believe in free speech and do not think your livelihood should be tampered with for speaking the truth. We actually believe in worker’s rights unlike the communist Left Side.

Cobb and his followers may ring a bell. In 2013, he was exposed via DNA test on a daytime talk show for being 14 percent African. He denounced the test, calling it “statistical noise.”

Cobb’s PLE is currently facing zoning troubles, since he needs to acquire separate water, sewer, and electric service accounts. With the basics requiring a sign-off from the City Council, Cobb hasn’t moved into the town just yet.

Casebolt’s lawyer previously told reporters that he acted off his emotions when he twisted the arm of a Black bikini-clad 15-year-old while breaking up a pool party. The former McKinney cop has also allegedly gone into hiding after receiving death threats for his actions.



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