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A revealing report released by a panel formed by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon after the death of Michael Brown Jr. is highlighting a long history of racial inequality and divides in the St. Louis area.

The 198-page report, released Monday by the 16-person commission, also offers reforms in several areas — including police practices and the court system — to rectify systemic racial issues and an overall racial climate that was amplified after the death of the Black teenager at the hands of a White police officer.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, the report — titled ‘Forward Through Ferguson: A Path Toward Racial Equity’ — breaks down the 169 recommendations into four categories — Justice for All, Youth at the Center, Opportunity to Thrive, and Racial Equity.

“The law says all citizens are equal,” the report reads. “But the data says not everyone is treated that way.


“We have not moved beyond race. St. Louis does not have a proud history on this topic, and we are still suffering the consequences of decisions made by our predecessors.”

The recommendations range from improving housing and education, to addressing criminal justice and economics.

“We believe that if we attempt to skirt the difficult truths, if we try to avoid talking about race, if we stop talking about Ferguson, as many in the region would like us to, then we cannot move forward,” the report says. “Progress is rarely simple, and it rarely goes in a straight line.”

But the report, which includes both plain text to break down complex policies and interactive tools, does list its limitations, acknowledging that for the recommendations to take place, government leaders have to get involved.

“No matter how sound our calls to action, they are calls — the Commission does not have the power to enact them,” the report says. “This means that while this report includes many specific policy calls to action, it is not an implementation plan.”

You can read the digital version of the report below.


Watch Roland Martin and Ferguson Commission Co-Chair Rev. Starsky D. Wilson discuss the findings of the 200 page Ferguson Commission report in the video clip below.

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