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Newly released surveillance video shows that former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith may have been involved in a hit-and-run accident just before he was shot and killed Saturday night, according to Fox News.

Video footage from nearby businesses shows a car matching the description of 34-year-old Smith’s Mercedes SUV possibly rear-ending a Hummer matching the description of the vehicle driven by Cardell Hayes, the shooting suspect, writes the cable news outlet:

The station reported that the video shows the Hummer appearing to try and pull over to the side of the road. By contrast, the Mercedes drives into the opposite lane of traffic and keeps going. The Hummer then takes off after the Mercedes. 

The footage was taken a block and a half from the intersection where police say Hayes, a former semi-pro football player, rear-ended Smith’s SUV, pushing it into a Chevrolet Impala carrying Smith’s acquaintances. Hayes then opened fire. Smith was killed by bullets to the back and torso. His wife was wounded in the leg.

A defense attorney for Hayes, John Fuller, said Monday that his client had been rear-ended moments earlier by a hit-and-run driver, and called 911 to describe the car he was following before he ran into the back of Smith’s Mercedes. It remains unclear whether the car he was pursuing was the Mercedes, the Impala or some other unrelated car.

Hayes, 28, was being held on $1 million bond after police arrested him on a charge of second-degree murder, the report says.



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