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Dwight Moore says it was hard work—not brains—that enabled him to get a perfect ACT score. It was probably both. With a 36 on the college entrance exam, the Christian Brothers High School sophomore’s future looks bright.

Only one-tenth of one percent of students achieve a perfect score, the news station WATN-TV reports. So, it’s easy to see why the 15-year-old Memphis, Tenn. student was surprised when he got his test results.

Dwight shared his reaction with WATN-TV:

I was. I sat there in shock for a second. There is no way this is right. It didn’t have the writing score so I thought this was just a placeholder for later so I am not getting my hopes up when the writing score came out too, I actually got a 36.”

Like most high school teenagers, Dwight has not decided on a college or career. He still has two more years of high school ahead, so there’s time to figure that out. The possibilities seem endless.



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