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President Barack Obama will deliver his farewell speech tonight in Chicago in front of thousands of his supporters at McCormick Place.

Now that we are approaching the final days of his presidency, Roland Martin asked the NewsOne Now panel of guests what they would like to hear President Obama say to his supporters during his farewell address.

Carmen Berkley, Civil, Human and Women’s Rights Director for the AFL-CIO, said, “I hope he talks about all of the amazing things that he has done over the past eight years. I’m tired of people talking about what Barack Obama didn’t do.”

Berkley highlighted the nation’s first Black president’s work on transforming the American health care system, restoring the millions of jobs lost during the Great Recession, his work on education and his attempts to help the African-American community.

While Berkley and the other NewsOne Now panelists discuss a nostalgic address, Martin hopes the President will use his final major address as a rallying cry to his supporters.

Martin said, “I would hope that the President would use this as a call to arms” and challenge his supporters to “stay in this game and don’t just give up” now that his tenure in office is over.

Prior to the end of the segment, Berkley agreed with Martin: “Even though the federal government is about to go through some challenges and changes, I still feel like it’s Black America’s responsibility to fight back and to protect all of the policies that came from the Obama Administration.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss President Obama’s farewell address in the video clip above.

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