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President Donald Trump has yet to sign a promised executive order to investigate his claims of voter fraud.

But during a retreat for Republican members of Congress in Philadelphia on Thursday, Trump continued to espouse the unsubstantiated allegations that fraud occurred during the presidential election, and promised to take action.

Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina branch of the NAACP, spoke with Roland Martin about Trump’s lies regarding illegal immigrants voting in the 2016 election.

Barber told Martin, “Donald Trump is telling the same lie that extremist Republicans told in state houses.”

These falsehoods led to myriad voter ID laws, disruptions in early voting, and eradication of same day voter registration in North Carolina and other battleground states.

Barber continued, “22 states passed voter suppression laws since 2010 and those 22 states represent 57 of African-Americans, 234 electoral [college] votes.”

“The real game is they want us to focus on the lie so we don’t focus on the thievery that just happened through voter suppression,” Barber said.

Watch Roland Martin, Rev. William Barber and the NewsOne Now panel discuss President Donald Trump’s lies about voter fraud in the video clip above.

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