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Ku Klux Klan members rallied Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, against the removal of Confederate statues. About 1,000 counter protesters, a multi-racial coalition, confronted the roughly 50 Klan members.

While taking photos, University of Virginia alumnus DeVanté Cunningham saw something incredibly bizarre about one of the KKK members – he had dreadlocks, reports the BBC.

“Me and my friend were in total disbelief. We really couldn’t believe we had just seen a klansman with dreads,” Cunningham told the outlet, after his photo of the man went viral. “We’re looking at the KKK here, and dreadlocks are basically a symbol of African culture. It was really weird to see.”

Though some have tried to explain that Vikings also dread their hair (though this possibly could be just an anachronistic misreading of matted hair), it’s bizarre to see someone from an organization built on terrorism toward African Americans wear the hairstyle that is arguably the most clear cultural signifier of the African diaspora.

The image Cunningham captured is a clear display of how illogical racism and White supremacy can be.

Racist Rasta and his gang of rude boys are the latest chapter in the national debate about removing Confederate statues, symbols, and iconography from public spaces.



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