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Trump aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s appearance at the National Association of Black Journalists convention in New Orleans on Friday did not go over well with many attendees, reports the Huffington Post.

During a panel—moderated by journalist Ed Gordon—that delved into the tarnished relationship between police officials and communities of color, she was questioned about how she is using her platform as an aide in Trump’s administration to help the African American community, the outlet writes. Manigault-Newman reportedly told the audience “I fight on the front lines every day.” Her response prompted a mixture of laughter and angry reactions from Black journalists who were watching the panel, reports the source.

Several activists and journalists—including NewsOne’s Jamilah Lemieux—turned their backs towards Manigault-Newman as she spoke.

While discussing Trump’s recent controversial remarks that endorsed police brutality and her thoughts on Freddie Gray’s death, Manigault-Newman said she doesn’t think “a black boy should be treated the way Freddie Gray was” which led to a debate about how referring to Black men as “boys” strips away their manhood.

“Freddie Gray was a black man, not a boy. You see that type of mentality, and that’s what’s wrong with this whole situation right now ― too many of y’all looking at us as boys,” said author Arthur Reed, according to the source.

The chaos didn’t stop there. When asked about her involvement in policy-level discussions, Manigault-Newman attempted to divert the question and told the audience to Google the work that she’s done for Eric Garner’s family, writes the outlet.

The Huffington Post reports that the panel ended when Manigault-Newman walked off of the stage as NABJ President Sarah Glover explained why she was invited to speak.

The dismay of Black journalists spilled out of the room and onto social media.

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SOURCE: Huffington Post


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