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Dove issued an apology on Sunday after controversy erupted over a Facebook ad for its body wash that showed a Black woman removing her brown shirt to reveal a White woman wearing, ahem, a clean white shirt. Yes, they are still doing this in 2017.

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Makeup artist and model Naomi Leann Blake posted screenshots of the ad to her Facebook page on Friday, according to The Huffington Post.

The ad provoked immediate outrage, especially since the Unilever-owned beauty brand has been accused of displaying racial insensitivity in the past. The company came under fire in 2011 for an advertisement that showed Dove body wash turning Black women into Latino women into White women. Yeah, seriously.

Some social media users noted that soap companies have a history of racism in advertising:

Some critics, including Gabrielle Union, wondered about the company’s diversity:

To be clear, if women of color had a seat at the table, there would have been no confusion that the ad was out of order. And in real life the goal is the opposite: Some White women would love to become Black women. Just ask the Kardashians.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post.


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