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The federal grand jury hearing testimony in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe is dominated by Black people an anonymous witness who testified complained, Page Six reported. Some people find it a travesty that a Black-dominated jury is deciding on indictments in the case, yet those people never complain about the injustice to Black defendants at the hands of some all-White juries.

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“Maybe they found these jurors in central casting, or at a Black Lives Matter rally in Berkeley [Calif.],” the person told the gossip column, adding that 11 of the 20 jurors were Black and the prosecutor was the only White man in the room. Some Trump supporters are outraged.

If the anonymous source is accurate, there’s nothing strange about a majority Black grand jury in the District of Columbia where the jurors are impaneled. The nation’s capital is 47 percent Black and 44 percent White. The jury handed down its first indictments in October, charging President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort with conspiracy against the United States and money laundering in the campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia.

Trump has rallied his supporters against the Mueller investigation. They will no doubt seize on this report as evidence of the special counsel stacking the deck against the president. But complaints about having too many Black people serving on the grand jury is just flat out racist. Those Trump supporters are typically silent about prosecutors who block potential Black jurors from serving on criminal cases involving a Black defendant—especially if the alleged victim is White. All-White juries convict Black defendants 16 percent more often than they convict White defendants, according to a Duke University study. The U.S. Supreme Court threw out a Georgia death penalty conviction in 2016 because prosecutors struck every Black prospective juror from serving on the case. People complaining about the Mueller grand jury should speak up when real injustice happens in our criminal justice system.

SOURCE:  Page Six


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