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UPDATED 5:05 p.m.:

David Hogg called for advertisers to drop Laura Ingraham‘s Fox News show and the avalanche has already begun. According to, Nutrish, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Nestle, and the furniture retailer Wayfair all announced they are pulling their ads.

Now, Ingraham is suddenly sorry — and has the nerve to use Jesus in her apology.

Holy Week? If she is such a Christian, who believes in Holy Week, then why attack the teenager in the first place? Furthermore, from Ben Carson to Laura Ingraham, these evangelicals need to leave Christ out of their mistakes.

Keep in mind, Ingraham didn’t apologize for her words, she apologized for “any upset or hurt my tweet caused.” The correct apology would have been, “I was wrong to attack a teenager who suffered through a mass shooting.” She also could have added, “I am the devil’s spawn, someone give me an exorcism.”

Original Story:

The Parkland survivors are not here to play games. They are seeking change and not afraid to call out the NRA, Marco Rubio or the media for ignoring Black and  brown voices in the fight against gun violence. Now, just one of the few despicable racists over  at Fox News is about to learn an overdue lesson from activist David Hogg.

Yesterday morning, Laura Ingraham had time to tweet about a 17-year-old’s college admission status. She pointed out that Hogg, who has a 4.2 GPA (even though she wrote 4.1, when the article she tweeted clearly said 4.2), didn’t get accepted into four colleges, including UCLA. See the idiotic tweet below:

Instead of going back and forth with Ingraham, Hogg decided to go right to her pocket.

Before you know it, he had her list of advertisers:

Laura is now trending and it’s hard to find anyone who is on her side.

Some folks are even calling for Melania Trump to speak out, considering she is against cyber-bullying, which is exactly what Ingraham did. David’s sister tweeted the First Lady:

Laura Ingraham has a long history of despicable behavior.  She fat-shamed Meghan McCainmade a Nazi-salute at the 2016  RNC conventionretweeted Nazis, and is a vicious homophobe who outed closeted gay college students by recording them — even though her brother was gay. She is also deeply anti-immigrant, even by conservative standards. Last month, the 54-year-old attacked LeBron James and Kevin Durant for being Americans with opinions. If Bill O’Reilly can be taken down, then so can Laura.


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