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Dear Rush,

So you are saying that Black people’s state of mind is terrible and Black people are depressed. Since when did you become an expert on Black people and how we feel? So we’re depressed and our state of mind is terrible? That’s a pretty blanket statement. Who is your source for this statement? What gives you the right to speak for all Black people?

You may be right that Black unemployment rate is horrible, but that is nothing new for African Americans. We do not blame Barack Obama for this. We realize that your boys Bush and Cheney took this country in a downward spiral that Obama had to recover from that has affected us all. You’re lucky that Obama helped stop that downward spiral or else even rich people like you would be unemployed and your boys would be jumping off buildings like the great depression.

I can’t speak for African Americans as a whole, but the majority of Black people I come into contact with are extremely proud of Barack Obama and what he has done. While we might not to see those results immediately, the children he has inspired and pride he put into the Black community is felt everywhere.

If I were as ignorant as you, I could say that the white state of mind is horrible, negative and America hating, due to the antics of you and your chronies. However, I realize a few ignorant hateful white people dod not represent white people as a whole. While you may be depressed and addicted to drugs with a horrible, hateful, negative state of mind, you do not represent all European Americans.

Black people have dealt with unemployment for some time now. We have dealt with athletes dating white women for some time now. The recession has made America as whole more depressed. Maybe you can’t see it from your million dollar mansions. But millions of Americans have lost their jobs and money and are depressed, not just Black people.

You seem to be gloating over the fact that Black people are unemployed. How wonderfully racist of you. Black people have been through a lot in this country and continue to suffer from police brutality, discrimination, sub par education and unemployment. Many African Americans I know are, despite the hardships, optimistic about the future. You clearly know nothing about Black people outside of the racist stereotypes you subscribe too. Do you even know how racist what you said is? One race’s state of mind is terrible because of unemployment? If you really cared about this country, you would think of ways to solve that problem, rather than disrespecting a whole racial group nad gloating over the fact that that racial group is struggling with unemployment.


Casey Gane-McCalla


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