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Police sure are getting crafty when it comes to pulling over Black drivers. Now, tree debris on a car window could get you arrested.

On Sunday, May 13, Rudy Samuel was driving in Winfield, Kansas when he was pulled over by police officers. Thankfully, Samuel recorded everything on Facebook, which shows cops wasting taxpayer dollars to detain him for leaves on his car window. Yep, leaves on a damn car window.

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In the video, Samuel asks why he is being pulled over and the officers says, “What caught my attention was this vegetation stuff right here,” as he picks a leaf from the driver-side door.  Obviously shocked, Samuel says it is debris from a tree, but the cop decides to test the “vegetation” for marijuana, even after Samuel says he doesn’t smoke. Not even done testing, the cops then pull Samuel out of his car and claim they will search his car because of “vegetation.” You can also hear him say he has a legal firearm in his car, which is eerily similar to Philando Castile. Watch the disturbing video below:

Samuel wrote on Facebook, “Yea straight stereotyped me he grab[bed] my phone I told him he better get a warrant for it so he powered it off.” There were no drugs found and he wasn’t arrested. reports Samuel is now considering legal action. His attorney Dan Monnat said, “Did the law enforcement officer really have a solid basis for immediately concluding that the vegetative matter on the window sill of the car was really contraband?” Furthermore, in what universe would a marijuana user have weed sitting on their car window? Just the thought is seriously illogical.

Peter Wright of Freedom 1 Organization, the official spokesman for Samuel, said there will soon be a protest in Winfield and added, “Rudy is pretty shook up over this. We are hoping to get this information out so this won’t happen to anyone else. Nowhere in this country.”

Winfield Police Chief Brett Stone released the following statement, “Certainly each traffic stop has facets to it depending on the nature of the call, the nature of the stop, the nature of what the infraction is. So, we do our best to adapt and adjust to those and conduct them safely and certainly within legal guidelines.” We can’t imagine vegetation is within “legal guidelines.”

Nonetheless, we are grateful Rudy Samuel didn’t become a hashtag. We hope he fights back and gets justice.


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