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Add Chili’s to the growing list of restaurants, like Waffle House, where managers have either called or threatened to call the cops on Black customers for no good reason.

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A Chili’s in Abbeville, Louisiana is the latest restaurant on center stage in a viral video, viewed more than 250,000 times, that shows police officers confronting Black customers on June 23, WWL-TV, a CBS News affiliate, reported.

In this case, the group of about a dozen friends was quietly chatting in the parking lot after purchasing their to-go food.

The video shows the exchange with officers in the parking lot after the cops told them to leave. One of the men, clearly outraged but calm, asked if the color of their skin had anything to do with the order to clear out from the parking lot.

Officers didn’t give a reason. However, they said that the manager wanted them off of the private property and noted that “they have the right to refuse service to anybody.”

“We were racially profiled and marked as threats because we are Black,” one of the customers, Jhordi Henderson, wrote on his Facebook page, according to the news outlet.

He added: “It’s bullsh** its 2018 and we still have to deal with ignorance. You can spend your money at chili’s if you want, but my black a** works too hard to give chili’s another dollar after being treated the way I was.”

Chili’s reached out to the Black customers to discuss the incident. But the group declined the offer, the restaurant chain said in a statement, adding that the restaurant “regrets” the experience.


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