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In the wake of Sunday’s tragic mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, something that has become very customary happened: the fact that the gunman was a white male was missing from most of the subsequent headlines.

OK, it wasn’t so strange after all.

The media treatment from Jacksonville stood in stark contrast to those that flowed in from Iowa last week after an it was widely reported that an undocumented immigrant had been arrested for killing a young, white woman in Iowa. Republicans, and especially the president, used the revelation from Iowa (which was not a mass shooting but still a heinous act of violence which politicians typically scapegoat on minorities) as a way to sound a louder alarm on immigration and insist on building a wall that in all actuality will probably never come close to being fully built.

But that same group of white nationalist-leaning officials somehow failed to find their voice to similarly use the politics of race to condemn the senseless shooting by a white man in Jacksonville that at least left two people dead, including one black person.

The shooter was identified as David Katz, who apparently killed himself after unleashing a hail of bullets at a video game tournament.

Many white folks, especially those in the media, seem to have a problem admitting a long-confirmed and obvious fact: the clear majority of mass shooters is made up of white men.

Of course, that fact goes against the narrative being pushed by the right, and the mainstream media, so it was missing from most headlines. So NewsOne felt the obligation to present actual facts surrounding mass shootings:

Between 1982 and June of this year, 59 of the 101 mass shootings in that time span were launched by white people, according to data provided by Statista, which offers “statistics and studies from more than 22,500 sources.” Black people had the next-highest number of mass shooters at 16.

To date, the deadliest mass shooting killed 58 people and injured more than 500 in Las Vegas in October. In that case, Donald Trump refused to call the slaughter of dozens of innocent Americans as terrorism. But just last week he politicized the Iowa incident as a reason to get the country’s immigration laws “changed.”

As of Monday morning, Trump had tweeted about everything from Tiger Woods to Jim Brown to Mexico to NAFTA. No mention of gun laws, let alone the Jacksonville shooting from the president, however.


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