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Gentrifiers are taking over countless Black areas all over the country, especially Washington, D.C., which just went through a battle over go-go music. Now, some students at Howard University are upset about local residents using their campus as a dog park. The solution? One colonizer says “move the campus.”

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Fox 5 spoke to Malakhi Briggs, a sophomore at Howard, who said, “‘The Yard’ is for the students and although everyone loves pets, I feel like it’s disrespectful to have the pets just running around, especially when there are several parks around here, If they come on ‘The Yard’ and they’re just walking through, I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, but I still feel like there are other ways to get around D.C. without having to cut through a college campus.”

Sean Grubbs-Robishaw, a local resident, admits to cutting through “The Yard” with his dog and said, “So, they’re in part of D.C. so they have to work within D.C. If they don’t want to be within D.C. then they can move the campus. I think we just need to work together and I don’t think it should be a he or there or here… It’s our community and that’s how it should be.”

Disgusting. Watch below:

This is just another example of the entitlement colonizers believe they have in D.C. For example, for more than two decades, a Metro PCS store on the corner of Florida Avenue and 7th Street in the Shaw neighborhood has played go-go music from speakers outside the business. But a new resident, living in a luxury apartment in the community, reportedly complained about the music. Consequently, the company decided to bring the speakers inside the store.

In a 28-second video clip filmed earlier this month at the protest, the white man said he believes the loud music was “disrespectful.”

Another man, who appears to be a longtime resident, said he was angry about gentrifiers coming into the neighborhood and trying to eliminate the culture.

“I’m not trying to eliminate the culture,” the white man whitesplained. “I’m just saying playing the volume…”

He was then interrupted by the other man, who pointed out that no laws or noise ordinances have been broken.

“Many things are not illegal but that doesn’t mean it’s respectful,” the white man fires back.

Here’s a look at their exchange.

Thankfully, the go-go music has legally continued.

Gentrification in the nation’s capital reached a grim milestone around 2011 when the Black population of the former “chocolate city” fell below 50 percent. The influx of young white millennials had changed D.C.’s racial makeup. African-American residents in the historically black Shaw-Logan Circle area plummeted from 65 percent to 29 percent between 1990 to 2010, according to census data.

Let’s hope the colonizers can walk their dogs somewhere else outside of Howard University.