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Felicity Huffman has plead guilty for being part of the largest college admissions scandal in history. Her punishment? More than likely, a $20,000 fine, which is pennies to her, and a four-month prison sentence. White privilege in full effected especially when you consider the case of Tanya McDowell.

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According to TMZ, “Felicity Huffman just acknowledged her guilty plea agreement with prosecutors and an assistant U.S. attorney said in court that the government will ask for a four-month prison sentence as well as a $20,000 fine. The prosecution made a note that they went light on Felicity, as they could’ve gone after money laundering charges.”

Must be nice to have the government  go “light” on you, which wasn’t the case for McDowell.

Tanya McDowell was homeless Black Connecticut mother who was charged with felony larceny in 2011 after she was caught lying about her home address so that her 6-year-old could attend an elementary school in a good district. She was slapped with a 12-year sentence and was indebted to the state for $6,200. She ended up serving five years.

When McDowell was released in March of 2017, she told The Hour, “I would still do it all over again because I haven’t been let down. My son exceeded all of my expectations.” While living with his grandmother while she was in jail, her son Andrew attended Thomas Hooker Elementary School in Bridgeport, had perfect attendance and made the honor roll.

“I’m not only doing it for Andrew,” McDowell explained. “I’m doing it for any other parent, any other child out there that has the potential to exceed and excel at a certain level and is just being deprived, period.”

On the other hand, Huffman, actresses Lori Loughlin and several others were solely about greed. The elaborate college admissions scheme played out through a series of bribes, photoshopped photos, fraudulent test scores and more as a way to admit unqualified students through athletic scholarships for sports the “recruits” would rarely if ever play on the collegiate level. 

This incident has invited heavy scrutiny on colleges’ admissions practices that stack the odds against countless applicants who have been denied deserved spots at schools of their choice. Understandably, Black and brown students have been particularly outraged. Students of color have historically been accused of not earning their seat at the table because of race-based affirmative action policies. Their merits have been called into question while, as it turns out, the wealthy elite were benefitting from what has been called a broken college admissions system.

That said, we doubt Huffman will serve even a day in jail.


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