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Fort Bliss U.S. Army specialist Glendon Oakley saved several children during the shooting in El Paso, Texas. When Trump visited, despite many telling him not to, he didn’t even address Oakley by name and made an awkward comment that he could be a movie star.

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Trump said, “And, by the way, here is a great hero. This man — the job he did. You all know who it is. Everybody — the whole world knows who you are now, right?” Sadly, Trump didn’t know who he saw enough to say his name.

Oakley answered,  “Yes, Mr. President.”

Trump added, “So you’ll be a movie star, the way you look. That’ll be — hey, that’ll be next. Who knows, right?”

“Yes, sir,” Oakley said.

The exchange hasn’t been found on video but here is a photo below:

Oakley gained national attention when after the shooting he told KTSM, “We run towards Dillard’s, and it’s like a play pen over there. I see a whole bunch of kids like, without their parents running around screaming and crying, so I grab as many as possible.”

He also told CBS4, “…I just did what I would want another person to do for my children.” See below:


The El Paso shooting was reportedly the result of a young white man’s anger over the number of Hispanics in the U.S. That much was made clear in an apparent manifesto written by that shooter, Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old white man who wrote that he was decidedly against “race mixing” and supports the idea to “send them back” and offering a prediction of “genocide.”

At least one tweet, apparently preserved by someone controlling an Antifa Twitter account, seemed to show he was in support of building President Donald Trump‘s wall along the nation’s southern border.


In addition, just last week, Santino William Legan killed multiple people attending the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California. Legan left behind social media posts that show he may have been a white supremacist or at least sympathized with the racist movement. The final social media post Legan made prior to the July 28 shooting endorsed a book that has been widely tied to white supremacist hate groups and ideology.


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