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A Brooklyn teen was gunned down a few feet from his home – then dumped by his friends at a nearby hospital, police said Friday.

Darrell Gresham, 18, was fatally shot in the chest Thursday night while hanging out with two friends in a car in Crown Heights. A gunman had walked up to the car on Hampton Place and started firing.

A police source said Greshamwas not the intended target. It’s not known whether the other two were hit.

His buddies, who were not identified, drove him to Interfaith Hospital and dumped him in the emergency room before fleeing, cops and relatives said.

By the time doctors got to Gresham, he was dead.

“I can’t believe they just dumped my baby at the hospital,” said Darrell Gresham Sr.

“Everyone loved him,” said grandma Cheryl Gresham, 64.

The dad – who spoke by phone to his son in the car minutes before the 8:20 p.m. shooting – said he heard the shots. He went to check on his son, but the car was gone.

A short time later, he was called to identify his boy’s body.

“Darrell was everything to me,” Gresham, 42, said. “He was a hard worker and a quiet boy who didn’t get into trouble.”

No one has been arrested. A police source said the younger Gresham had an outstanding warrant for a minor offense but no other criminal history.

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