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A Black man in Miami was looking to buy purchase a car and, in the process, he was insulted and called the N-word. David Davis wanted to purchase a 2016 BMW that he found on a Facebook Marketplace under an account named PP Auto Sales MIA. After reaching out to the company, Davis was told to go to used car dealership, C & F Auto Sales, to test drive the car he had his eye on. However, instead of Davis leaving with a car, he received an audio message – presumably by mistake – that called him the N-word several times and assumed that all Black people have poor credit, according to WSVN.

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Davis said when he arrived at the dealership, the car was not on the lot. He then messaged PP Auto Sales MIA on Facebook to inquire why he was advised to go to that particular location for a test drive, if the car was not there. That is when he received the audacious audio recording.

“My credit is perfect. He asked me about my credit, so I showed him what my credit number was,” he explained. “I guess he thought he was talking to one of his employees.”

In the audio recording, the unnamed dealer said, “If this guy has a [expletive] credit, we need to put the [N-word] inside your BMW, or Mercedes, or whatever one.”

He continued, “Ninety-five percent of my customers is Black people, is a [N-word], or wherever one that you calling these people.”

Davis said that it was clear the dealer was only interested in his money. “He started using the N-word and, ‘N-this, oh, put this n in anything he wants, he has the effing credit. Black people usually don’t have credit like this.’ So he basically wanted my money,” he said.

The owner of C & F Auto Sales was unaware of the incident. He explained that because he has a small business, he uses outside brokers to help him get business. The owner also said he isn’t familiar with the company who employs the racist dealer, as he doesn’t know all of the people who work with his sales staff.

“They have all their brokers and send them customers over. So, unfortunately, I have no control of all the people referring us customers,” the owner said.

The owner said he will not work with that dealer in the future and offered Davis an apology. “I would just say I’m so sorry about what happened, and it’s a shame that today’s day, in 2020, there are people that still refer to other people like this, you know? It’s horrible,” he added.


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