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Many people are now familiar with Genea Sky after a video of her falling 15 feet from a pole while doing a stripping routine went viral. With the utmost resilience, Sky immediately bounced back and continued dancing. It was later revealed that not only did she sustain a number of serious injuries, but the club in which she worked was initially reluctant in taking responsibility for her fall. Things have since changed for the dancer, as the club will be assisting Sky with some of her medical bills. As for Sky, she recently revealed that she has been longing to make a career change and Wendy Williams has lent a helping hand in doing so.

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Sky appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” where she explained the severity of her injuries, which she said weren’t visible, aside from her jaw being wired shut. She said that her right front tooth is chipped in the front, but “but my broken teeth are all in the back.” When Williams asked if she had broken a rib, Sky replied, “No,” adding, “Just my face.”

“All of my injuries are internal,” she continued. “On this side, it broke on the inside of my gums and the bone popped out. And then, on this side, it broke under my joint. But, it’s on the inside, so you can’t see the injury. It’s there.”

Sky appears to have an optimistic outlook on her viral incident, saying that she sees it as a “blessing in disguise.” After revealing that she does not wish to return to the profession that caused her a number of facial injuries, she shared, “There is something I really really really wanted to say, if anything at all. I’m taking this as a blessing. I’ve been praying to get out of this strip club for a very long time.”

Sky was then surprised by Wendy Williams with a $10,000 check to finish beauty school, and to continue with her new life. According to TMZ, the 24-year-old aspires to be an esthetician.

It appears that not only will Sky be able to move forward in pursuing a new career, but she also has received an outpouring of support from social media, as well as on the GoFundMe that she launched to aid with her medical bills. Sky initially thought she would be solely responsible for the bills because she was not a full-time employee at the club, which makes her ineligible to receive worker’s compensation.

Sky said that the general manager of the strip club has since reached out to her to help with her medical bills. And while she is uncertain how much help she will receive from the club, as of Friday afternoon, her GoFundMe exceeded its’ $20,000 goal and has nearly doubled.


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