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Jason Mitchell mugshot in Mississippi

Source: Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept.

Actor Jason Mitchell was arrested on felony drugs and weapons charges on Wednesday in Mississippi and now his representatives are speaking out.

A rep told TMZ, “Jason is at home with his family right now, working on an amazing new project. News stories move fast and oftentimes without all of the facts. This misunderstanding will be resolved shortly. We trust that the court systems blind justice will protect Jason’s rights and allow him to tell his story.”

According to Bossip, Jason was caught with two guns, including a mini Draco AK47 semi-automatic pistol and a Glock 19. The rep didn’t get into the specifics of his arrest or why the “Straight Outta Compton” actor was charged. However, they made reference to the coronavirus pandemic adding, “During the Pandemic it’s best we focus on the importance of our Nation growing back to our full capacity.”

A WLOX report says Mitchell, who resides in New Orleans, “was stopped at 10:30 a.m. in his GMC Yukon near the 37-mile marker on Instate 10 in Gulfport, about a mile west of the Lorraine-Cowan Road exit.”

Authorities claim they searched his vehicle and they discovered individually wrapped packages of marijuana that totaled to approximately two pounds. Authorities also claimed they found individual bags containing 1,300 MDMA pills, or ecstasy. The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department said the alleged amount of drugs and the way they were packaged suggested a mid-level drug operation.

Deputies said they learned through a quick criminal records inquiry that Mitchell is a convicted felon and was unlawfully in possession of the alleged weapons. Mitchell was booked into Harrison County Jail on Wednesday and he faces two felony charges for alleged possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and two more charges for possession of a weapon by a felon. He was released on bond, according to

Mitchell first gained acclaim playing the late rapper Eazy-E in the N.W.A. biopic “Straight Out of Compton”. Since then, he’s garnered roles in other acclaimed projects including the 2017 movie “Mudbond” and the Lena Waithe helmed Showtime series “The Chi”.

However, Mitchell was fired from “The Chi” after he was accused of inappropriate behavior by his then co-star Tiffany Boone and season two showrunner Ayanna Floyd Davis, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This caused Mitchell to be let go from future projects as well, including the scheduled Netflix western “Desperados”. His agency and management team dropped him as well. 

In a 2019 interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Mitchell claimed there was “no situation” between him and Boone. However, he apologized if he ever made anyone feel uncomfortable. “You know I definitely never put my hands on somebody or anything like that. But I think it was just sort of a series of events that led to things kind of being weird between us,” he said at the time.

Boone eventually spoke out about her leave from “The Chi” in an Instagram post, although she still didn’t get into the specifics of her relationship with Mitchell. She only detailed her experience working on the show in general. “I quickly realized that not everyone was interested in creating a work environment that was conducive to each person feeling safe, seen, and heard,” she wrote. “I felt that if I didn’t speak up, other voices that were trying to be heard would be silenced. After additional conversations with HR, I asked to be released from my contract.”

According to IMDB, Mitchell’s latest endeavors include an upcoming project called “The Scarecrow Bandits”.


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