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Diamond and Silk have spoken out after news hit that they were fired from Fox News Channel, and they’ve done everything from trying to divert the news to blaming the move on the devil.

The two media personalities were trending on social media after it was revealed that the far-right news network severed ties with them. In response, the MAGA duo tried to divert attention to the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden.

“Seriously, Diamond and Silk are trending twice on twitter, but Joe Biden, who’s been accused of sexual assault, is silent in the basement, quieter than a mouse peeing on cotton,” they tweeted. “Where is the MSM on that?”


The two spoke out again by quoting a bible scripture: “The devil meant it for evil but God is turning it around for our good.”


It’s not clear whether their unemployment is the “evil” they’re referring to or their dangerous spreading of coronavirus lies.

According to the Daily Beast, Fox News fired Diamond and Silk more than two weeks after their Twitter account was suspended for violating its COVID-19 misinformation policy.

“The only way we can become immune to the environment; we must be out in the environment,” the duo, also known as Lynette Hardaway and Rochell Richardson, tweeted to their 1.4 million Twitter followers. “Quarantining people inside of their houses for extended periods will make people sick!”

The two Republican sympathizing media personalities blatantly contradicted guidance from Donald Trump‘s Coronavirus Task Force telling folks to avoid public gatherings and unnecessary travel during the coronavirus pandemic. Their account was on lockdown until they eventually deleted the tweet, which gave them back access to their account. However, the damage seemed to be irreversible with executives at Fox News letting them go.

Despite defying the recommendations of Trump’s task force, the man in the White House still supported Diamond and Silk. In response to their tweet, “Haters keep saying they hate Diamond and Silk, but you can’t hate what you ain’t never loved,” Trump replied by tweeting, “But I love Diamond & Silk, and so do millions of people!”


Of course, Diamond and Silk responded: “We Love You More!”


Diamond and Silk have made a career out of spreading misinformation and furthering conservative and white supremacist ideas. In April 2018, the two compared Democrats to slave owners during a talk with Fox New’s “Fox and Friends”. In June 2018, they also appeared on Fox News’ “Watters’ World” and said that Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters and Sen. Kamala Harris support “illegal aliens” more than their poor American constituents.

That same year, they testified to Congress arguing that Facebook was censoring their pro-Trump videos. They claimed that Facebook’s policy team sent them an email saying their brand and content were “determined unsafe to the community.” Facebook eventually reversed the decision and apologized to the women.

Diamond and Silk have continually campaigned for Republican political candidates along with other pundits who appear on Fox Nation despite the network’s assertion that it “does not condone any talent participating in campaign events.” Most recently, they bizarrely criticized Democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden by comparing them to salt and sugar.

To reiterate, they still have over 1.4 million followers on Twitter.


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