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As much as Black people have to beware of “Karen,” folks must also keep their eyes open for “Karen’s husband.”

At this point, Karen is universally known as a white woman who will call the cops on a Black person no matter how minuscule the issue (sorry to the Black people actually named Karen).

“Karen’s husband” has surfaced as an offshoot to Karen, describing a white man who will also call the police over the pettiest of things.

One man in Connecticut exemplified “Karen’s husband” when he called the cops on a group of Black men and referred to himself as “God,” declaring “White lives matter too.” He even allegedly pepper-sprayed the guys.

“I’m being harassed by a bunch of Black men here,” the man tells the police in a phone call captured on video. The clip was recorded Saturday afternoon at the Cove Island Marina in Stamford and now the video has ignited a police investigation after going viral.

“This incident is currently an active investigation,” Lt. Tom Scanlon, head of the Bureau of Criminal Investigations with the Stamford Police Department explained to the Stamford Advocate.

“Numerous individuals were involved and or witnessed circumstances leading up to the confrontation that had occurred,” he continued. “The Department is in the process of interviewing and obtaining formal statements from all involved individuals and sourcing a complete video as evidence.”

Authorities said they won’t name the white man involved because his family said they’re being harassed as a result of the video.

Darnell Crosland, who’s representing the five Black men, told ABC 7 News that the situation began when the man approached the group of guys who were gathered in the marina’s parking lot. He was angry because they brought a boat with them and the man argued that they weren’t allowed to unload it at the marina.

The five men, one of whom is a police officer, said they were simply gathering at the marina but planned to go to a beach, according to Crosland. They were gathered to celebrate two of the guys who had birthdays. This is when the white man dialed for the police.

“There are people trying to put a boat in the water that is illegal,” he says on the phone in the video. “I have a boat down here. I have a legal right to put my boat in the water. They do not.”

When the men denied that they were using the boat, they asked the white man for his name. He identified himself as “God.”

“Do you have a last name?” was one of the guys’ responses.  

The video didn’t record the moment the white man allegedly pepper-sprayed the group. However, photos were taken of the white man clearly using pepper spray on someone.


The Stamford Police Department released a statement saying that while the incident is still under investigation, “we do believe that in this specific case, based on the totality of the information we have collected so far, the event escalated into a racial incident.”


“What this gentleman knew was that he can weaponize the 911 system, just like the lady in Central Park did, and so he doesn’t have to pull a gun anymore,” Crosland said. “Because of the system that is built on racism and prejudice, he was able to just call 911.”