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Listening to the above speech is haunting as Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks of an election in similar terms as what’s at stake in the current 2020 election. With Mercury in retrograde, I’m sure those of you who study numerology can find deeper meaning in this.

In 2016, approximately one-third of the country opted out of voting. If you, or somebody you know were a member of that demographic, I ask for you to not repeat that non-action. Some will watch the clip above and ask, “What has changed?” Then rhetorically proclaim, “Not a damn thing!”

On behalf of those unable to vote, this is a friendly reminder that YOU are the change you seek. Change can be a slow process when it comes to the betterment of the human condition. Voting is a vehicle to that change and all vehicles need maintenance to function.

It’s unfortunate the existing system produces only two candidates. It adds to the “same devil, different name” argument. Just remember, one party wants to make it easier to vote and the other wants to add restrictions – it’s important to ask yourself why.

This is not just a vote for a president; it’s a vote for local and state representatives responsible for shaping legislation that will affect generations to come. This is a fight for modern reconstruction and the incumbent’s vision seems to favor only those who attend his rallies.

It’s valid to believe the Democrats take the so-called Black vote for granted, but the stakes are too high for that protest vote now. The current president is preying on that skepticism. However, in a second term, he is under no obligation to even listen to Black people.

The president of the United States is the president of people and policy, not public corporations. The stock market will be fine regardless of who’s president. My question is, if you were the owner of a business, big or small, that’s been in the family for generations and had to give the CEO reins to Biden or Trump, who would you trust?

Trevor is a creative mercenary and ethical lobbyist born and raised on Beale Street. Follow him on Twitter @trevbetter.


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