Martin Luther King jr.

“It is even very clear that our policy at home is to try to solve social problems through military means just as we have done abroad." - Coretta Scott King

Here's to the art of wordplay and celebrating the beautiful black history quotes and passages that represent the craft of colloquy. Inside are five of the most beautifully written quotes, poems, or passages from black history.

The walkout didn't stop the vote, but Black senators would rather withhold their participation instead of engaging in a sham process that does not honor and respect the experiences and history of many within the state.  

"This is a fundamental question of whether or not we are going to have a just, inclusive multiracial democracy as America continues to grow," Butler said.

Coretta Scott King wasn’t just the wife of an American hero, she was an icon in her own right and her accomplishments deserve to be celebrated right alongside her husband’s.

Civil rights icon Coretta Scott King was born on April 27, 1927. Celebrate her birthday with these powerful quotes.

On this Valentine's Day, take a look back in time at Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King's incredible love story through a love letter he wrote her in the summer of 1952, a year before they were married.

Commissioner Dermot Shea gave a troubling rebuke of Black Lives Matter protesters who were met with violence by members of the NYPD on Monday during a march held to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Rarely seen photos of Martin Luther King Jr. throughout the years of his noteworthy, incredible life.

Listening to this speech is haunting as Martin Luther King, Jr. addresses the 1964 presidential election in similar terms as the 2020 election.

The former home of Atlanta’s first Black mayor Maynard Jackson will be transformed into affordable housing.