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More striking details pertaining to Miya “SoHo Karen” Ponsetto‘s arrest were recently revealed, highlighting the ways the 22-year-old uses aggression to deal with her frustration.

Last week, Ponsetto was extradited by the NYPD from California back to New York City to face arrest for assaulting a Black 14-year-old named Keyon Harrold Jr., son of famed jazz musician Keyon Harrold. Ponsetto falsely accused Harrold Jr. of stealing her cell phone, which was later recovered by a third party.

On Dec. 26, the same day she tackled and assaulted the Harrolds in the lobby of the Arlo Hotel, she also reportedly vandalized the Airbnb apartment she resided in during her stay in Manhattan. According to the New York Post, Ponsetto allegedly smashed a door with a fire extinguisher because she was locked out of the building.

Details regarding the Airbnb incident were revealed during Ponsetto’s arraignment in relation to the Harrrold case.

Ponsetto’s history is laden with arrests. In February 2020 she was apprehended for public intoxication in Beverly Hill and was again docked for a DUI in May. During her May arrest Ponsetto was charged with two misdemeanor accounts for driving under the influence with a suspended license. She is scheduled to appear in court for the DUI arrest on Jan. 14, and again on Jan. 28 for the public intoxication charge.

During a one-on-one with esteemed journalist Gayle King last week, Ponsetto again showed that her fuse is short by interrupting and disrespecting King while the CBS host laid out all the ways her actions made her culpable in the allegations. Throughout the interview Ponsetto again dodged accountability for the role she played in targeting a young teen who is undoubtedly scarred from the encounter.

Ponsetto claims she is of Puerto Rican ancestry which somehow relieves her of racism, and has repeatedly denied race was a factor in her assault. But nothing adds up. She went almost two weeks without being arrested, even though social media made her whereabouts known.

The Harrolds are continuing their efforts to secure justice for their son and are holding a second rally at City Hall in New York City. Their efforts to launch a petition calling for Ponsetto’s arrest reached over 100,000 signatures. On Instagram Harrold Sr. shared a second petition calling to hold the Arlo Hotel responsible for the attack.

In an op-ed for USA Today Harrold wrote that his main concern is not playing into the charade of giving Ponsetto a platform, but to ensure accountability for his young son.

“This incident is part of a systemic problem, embedded in the instincts of too many. I want to end with the following question,” he wrote.

“Why weren’t we protected in America?

“Why weren’t we afforded respect in America?

“Why weren’t our words trusted or even considered in America?

“Maybe the answer is because of the systemic racism in America.

“What would have happened to my son if I had not been there to protect him?”


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