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If anyone thought Stacey Abrams would be silent in response to Kelly Loeffler‘s attempt to delegitimize her work in Georgia, you would be sorely mistaken.

The lawyer and voting rights activist appeared on CNN Monday night where she addressed Loeffler’s newly formed voter rights organization, Greater Georgia.

Loeffler, a Republican, claims she intends to take back the state from the “radical liberal machine,” hoping to rile up voters who believe and engaged in the baseless claims of election fraud.

“It’s deeply disheartening that a former U.S. Senator would spend her time and her resources to publicly engage in the type of conspiracy theories that say that only certain Americans should be valued and have their votes counted. That’s what Kelly Loeffler is proposing,” Abrams said.

“But I can’t be surprised. She accepted the support of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon conspiracy theorist, because in her mind, winning at all costs is more important than protecting the United States and the fundamentals of our democracy.”

Abrams’ statement explicitly spelled out the coded language that Loeffler and Greater Georgia attempted to conceal in announcement tweets on Monday.

Loeffler, along with colleague David Perdue lost their Senate seats in January during a runoff race against Rev. Ralph Warnock and Jon Ossoff

Instead of bowing out gracefully, Perdue and Loeffler instead latched onto the theories touted by Donald Trump and his supporters, claiming that their opponents were able to secure victory due to election fraud. The claims were attempts to disenfranchise Black voters who showed out in droves, due to Black women-led organizations like Abrams’ Fair Fight, The New Georgia Project and Black Voters Matter.

During a Fox News interview on Monday Loeffler said that Greater Georgia “is premised on the idea that our state is greater when everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s vote is counted.”

If that was the case, she would join hands with the above mentioned organizations who routinely attempt to root out Black and brown disenfranchised voters.

But Loeffler is obviously speaking to her conservative base in an attempt to engage minority voters who lean more conservative, as well as stroking the baseless fears of those who are convinced that mass election fraud occurred in the past voting cycles.


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