Vaccine hesitancy and misinformation require a deeper understanding of structural racism and the COVID-19 experience of Black communities.


The microblogging platform has seen a rise in hate speech and technical problems.

It says a lot when even a super-conservative Supreme Court shuns a far-right extremist.

Rubio's refusal to take the surge of the Omicron variant seriously could be an opening for his likely general election opponent Rep. Val Demings.

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In a viral video posted to TikTok and Twitter, a "Karen" with a microphone can be seen arguing with a flight attendant and other passengers as she explains that the "pandemic started all because humans had lost a little bit of faith."

The event with KevOnStage comes at a time when so many professional athletes and rappers refuse to take a public stance on the vaccines or challenge public health misinformation. A free pop-up vaccination clinic sponsored Walgreens will follow the event.

There is no such thing as an AIDS vaccine. There’s not even a mandate for PrEP, the prescription drug that has been a game-changer in preventing the spread of HIV.   Setting aside his referencing of a nonexistent vaccine and mandate, Kemp leads a state that already mandates vaccines.

In a viral video clip, the New York rapper takes a moment to go off about mask mandates claiming they violate his civil liberties.

"You are not a horse. You are not a cow," tweeted the federal agency.