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One doesn’t necessarily need to be white in order to be racist, therefore one doesn’t need to be a white woman to be a Karen.

If you’re Black in America, there’s a likelihood that you’ve been followed around grocery stores, bodegas, department stores and the like by racists of multiple races because, unfortunately, anti-Blackness is a global phenomenon. But back in the day (I’m not old, you’re old…shut up) we didn’t have readily available cameras to record racial profiling incidents and businesses didn’t have to fear review sites that were open to the public.

Anyway, (in my best Nina Simone voice) It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for racist business owners and employees because, in the digital age, bigots are getting put on full blast.

According to International Business Times, an incident between a Black woman model and an Asian cashier ended in yet another viral altercation involving a negro minding her own business and a non-negro…also minding the Black person’s own business.

It all started when model Megan Milan was shopping at a beauty store in Los Angeles’ Santee Alley called Remy’s, and an Asian cashier started rifling through her coat pockets presumably looking for stolen items, which she did not find.

If you didn’t think non-white people were capable of this level of caucasity, you haven’t been Black in this world for long enough.

I mean, WT holy F?

First of all, Asian Karen (that’s what the internet has been calling her) needs to learn to respect boundaries. Even racial profiling cops have the decency to stop a Black person and warn them they’re about to violate their civil liberties as opposed to just walking up to them and putting their hands in our pockets. But for a civilian to just walk up on a Black person and start invading her personal space and property—nah, bruh, Asian Karen is lucky she didn’t catch Black hands. 

“I was going to spend money with her but she decided to racially profile me,” Milan said as she filmed the cashier silently rummaging through her pockets and then walking away looking at her tablet like nothing happened.

“Only Black person in the store and you decided to check my pockets,” she said to the out-of-her-damn-mind cashier. “I’m the only Black person. And you dug your hands in my pockets.”

For whatever reason, the cashier repeatedly informs her racial profiling victim that “I’m Asian too” as if that has anything to do with the Black woman she just treated like a criminal on sight. Then the cashier dismissively said, “I’m sorry. I don’t care. I really don’t care.”

Yeah, we know you don’t, non-sis’, but a coalition of Yelp reviewers who weren’t here for anyone’s blatant racism did care.

“The owner said ‘I’m Asian too’ after discriminating against the only Black woman in the store, as if that’s any excuse or justification. Don’t spend your hard-earned money here. Disgusting behavior and I hope she realizes that what she did was wrong and illegal,” one Yelp review wrote, according to IBT.

Another user wrote, “The owner of the store is RACIST. An Asian woman who illegally searched a customer’s pockets and personal belongings with absolutely no probable cause other than she was black and the only black individual in the store. Complete violation and zero remorse afterwards claiming that she’s a minority as well.”

The page got bombarded with unflattering reviews and 1-star ratings before Yelp temporarily disabled users from leaving reviews on Hi Fashions’ page while the site admins “investigate the content.” The page currently has a Public Attention Alert.

It’s wild that in 2022, racists still don’t know how easily their livelihoods can be f***ed with when everyone has a camera in their pocket.

Meanwhile, all Black people can do is decline to spend our coins where we’re not wanted.


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