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Somebody really needs to get on these dating apps and find Tucker Carlson a sexy M&M to occupy his time, because he’s clearly getting bored and when racists get bored, they start resurrecting old and stale forms of racism.

Tucker Carlson is on his Donald Trump “birther” game right now.

On Monday, the U.S. Senate received President Joe Biden’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to be nominated. Carlson is clearly still in his fragile white male feelings about it. (Seriously, Biden should have nominated a green M&M in stilettos so Carlson would be too busy trying to figure out how he’s going to cop a feel to complain.)

So now, just like Trump was demanding to see President Barack Obama’s birth certificate—because he’s a patriot, but he also thinks the country is stupid enough to let someone go through the entire process of becoming president without making sure he can legally do so (either that or he’s just racist AF)—Carlson is demanding to see Jackson’s Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score because he doesn’t believe a Black woman could possibly be “one of our nation’s top legal minds.”

“Biden went on to mention someone called Ketanji Brown Jackson,” Carlson said on his show Wednesday night. “That’s not a name most Americans know because Ketanji Brown Jackson has been an appellate judge for less than a year. But Joe Biden assured us she is, quote, ‘one of our top legal minds.'” (For now, we’ll ignore the obvious dog whistling around Ketanji’s name that “Americans” don’t know.)

So, is Ketanji Brown Jackson—a name that even Joe Biden has trouble pronouncing—one of the top legal minds in the entire country?” Carlson continued. (Damn, I guess we can’t ignore the dog whistle because he’s going to keep doing it. Biden may have had a little trouble pronouncing Ketanji’s name, but Carlson seems to be having more trouble processing how non-white it sounds.) “We certainly hope so. Biden’s right. Appointing her is one of his gravest constitutional duties. So it might be time for Joe Biden to let us know what Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT score was.”

“How did she do on the LSATs? Why wouldn’t you tell us that? That would settle the question conclusively as to whether she’s a once-in-a-generation legal talent, the next Learned Hand. It would seem like Americans in a democracy have a right to know that and much more before giving her a lifetime appointment, but we didn’t hear that,” Carlson added.

First of all, as I’ve pointed out before, whiny white conservatives didn’t have the same energy when Trump pledged to nominate a woman to the Supreme Court before nominating Amy Coney Barrett. Carlson didn’t demand to see her LSAT scores. In fact, he never insisted on seeing the scores of any of Trump’s conservative nominees.

Secondly, Carlson doesn’t need to see LSAT scores, what he needs to see is a remedial lesson on how to do the most basic research. (Now, I feel like I need to see the test scores that made him a “journalist.”)

All the walking M&M cartoon fetish had to do was spend five minutes Googling Jackson, and he would have found out that before she was an appellate judge, she was a federal trial court judge. Before that, she was a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. She also worked for law firms throughout her career and was once a public defender. She was also nominated to serve on the U.S. Sentencing Commission, the agency that develops federal sentencing policy, where she “was part of a unanimous vote to allow thousands of people already in federal prison for crack-related crimes get their sentences reduced as a result of a new law,” according to Fox 13.

And that’s not all. As DNC Chair Jamie Harrison pointed out via Twitter, Jackson “graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, Cum Laude from Harvard Law, & was the editor of the Harvard Law review.”

But Carlson decided to bypass all of that public information and ask for the test scores that preceded her entire career because all he saw was a Black woman with a non-white name who couldn’t possibly be qualified.

White people like Carlson are the reason a lot of Black people still feel we have to work twice as hard to earn half the respect as our white counterparts.

Plus, the only thing Carlson is qualified for is a “White Supremacists Looking For Sexy M&Ms” dating site.


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