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Y‘all remember Omarosa Manigault Newman right? The woman who used to chide Black people for calling Donald Trump racist until she got kicked out of Trump’s White House at which point she started claiming to have recorded receipts (that she never revealed, not that we needed them) proving that Trump was, indeed, racist, and even wrote a whole book about it? Y’all remember her—the Candace Owens prototype who spent years being anti-Black then cried cocoa butter-flavored white tears because Black people don’t f*** with her anymore. 

Well, the reality star-turned Trump advisor-turned fired Trump-stump-turned “What’s her name again?” is back in the news. As we reported last year, Manigault Newman was sued by Trump and the DOJ for failing to disclose financial information required by all White House staffers who leave or are terminated from their positions. Now, Omarosa had all kinds of excuses as to why she hadn’t filed the paperwork and why she shouldn’t have to pay the fine for not doing so. She said Trump was only doing this to be petty because they were beefing (which is probably true, but whatever) and she claimed she should be exempt because she considers herself a whistleblower. (Which she’s not. I mean, even if she produced receipts, which she didn’t, “revealing” that Trump is a racist and misogynist is like revealing that the sun rises and sets on a daily basis and that the sun is also roughly the same color as Trump’s tan.)

Anyway, according to Politico, a judge ruled Tuesday that Omarosa is still on the hook for more than $61k for failing to file the disclosure.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon reportedly rejected the former Apprentice star’s excuses that she got fired so abruptly that she didn’t have a chance to collect her personal files, which contained financial info she needed to file her exit forms and that there was a dispute over exactly which day she got the boot from Trump’s administration.

“Manigault Newman was well aware of her obligation to file a Termination Report…having received countless reminders—but nevertheless failed to file her report for more than a year after the statutory deadline,” Leon wrote in his ruling. “This conduct establishes a willful violation.”

As Politico reported: “The Justice Department sued Manigault Newman over the missing form in June 2019. She finally filed the financial disclosure report in September of that year.” But the judge ruled that her late filing didn’t absolve her from paying the fine.

“Manigault Newman’s years-long failure to comply with the EIGA after ‘many written and verbal reminders’ is a ‘flagrant’ violation warranting imposition of ‘the full civil penalty,’” Leon wrote.

On Tuesday, Omarosa took to Twitter to essentially say in response to the ruling, “Nah, son, this that bulls*** I be talking about.”

“The question remains… are there two systems of justice in this country,” she tweeted. “One that allows those who violate the Hatch Act and Emoluments Clause a slap on [the] wrist and the other that orders an unprecedented fine (highest in history) for an alleged unintentional failing to file a form?”

I mean, that’s a weird adaption of the whole “two Americas” thing, but it’s very on-brand for the woman who has spent years trying to claw her way out of the sunken place she was once so comfortable in.


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