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Norman Powell #24 of the Los Angeles Clippers runs down the court during the second half against the Sacramento Kings at Arena on April 9, 2022, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Katelyn Mulcahy / Getty

Part of being Black in America is never really knowing what mundane activity you’ll be engaging in when white people come around you and start wilding. And, apparently, even being an NBA star won’t shield you from this.

Los Angeles Clippers guard Norman Powell was recently at a gym in Las Vegas when he became the victim of a bizarre Karen encounter, which he partially recorded and, bruh, this woman is apparently very unhinged.

“She came here the first time and was saying she got in a fight,” Powell said in the video. “We told her to leave out the back. She left, she was gone for about 15, 20 minutes, came back, staying in the gym calling us un-American, saying we need to go back, calling us p***y, a whole bunch of s**t.”

“We was trying to get her to leave and then she was trying to take her pants off and take a s**t or piss on the floor,” he continued. “And that’s when we pulled her out like, we can’t have that.”

So, obviously, this woman has some issues. But whatever said issues might be, they just don’t explain the racism. I think we all understand how tired Black people are of being noticed by white folks just by virtue of being Black.

“You’re not American,” the woman can be heard saying to Powell.

“How am I not American?” Powell asked in response. “I was born and raised here.”

The next thing to come out of Gym Ginny’s mouth would blow the minds of even the most experienced Black person when it comes to caucasity encounters.

“My family came here on the Mayflower and I was a slave,” she said. When asked how she was ever a slave, she replied, “Because I was Black and my last name is Howard.

I must admit, if I were Powell, that Karen would have had me stunned into silence on that one. What kind of Great Value Rachel Dolezal nonsense is this woman trying to pull?

Anyway, another video shows Workout Wendy being arrested and trying to play the victim. She appeared to be whining about her treatment by the police. Eventually, one of the cops shouted at her to “shut the f**k up!”

Well, damn—maybe she is Black. 

Nah, she was taken into custody way too safely.


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