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Sydney Angela Holder, 20, arrested in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for racist death threats against Black people

Sydney Angela Holder | Source: Tuscaloosa County Jail

A white woman community college student from McCalla, Alabama, has just been arrested and charged for posting to social media her apparent desire to shoot Black people. Specifically, 20-year-old Sydney Angela Holder allegedly posted that she’ll “shoot a n***** in Walmart,” according to a statement by the Tuscaloosa County Branch of the NAACP.

Now, if you’re Black, I know exactly what you’re thinking: Here we go again!

After all, before 18-year-old Payton Gendron ruthlessly gunned down 10 Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, he reportedly posted things online that alluded to his intent to commit deadly violence against Black people. And besides that, federal officials have declared white supremacists to be America’s greatest domestic terror threat.

So, obviously, Holder is being taken seriously as a public threat and being handled accordingly—just like a Muslim citizen would be if they were posting violent threats against Americans post-911—right?


Holder’s bond was set at a measly $500.

According to WVUA 23, the Tuscaloosa Police Department interrogated and arrested Holder early Wednesday morning after Tuscaloosa residents public and by Shelton State Community College administrators made law enforcement aware of the threatening video. Despite the seriousness of the nature of the alleged threat, Holder was onloy charged with disorderly conduct, transported to Tuscaloosa County Jail and given a bond of roughly the same amount as a costly speeding ticket.

Here’s part of the NAACP statement as reported by WVUA:

“The Tuscaloosa County Branch of the NAACP was notified late today of a video posted by a nursing student at Shelton State Community College depicting the student with a firearm, making a domestic terrorist statement. In the video, the student can be heard saying that she’ll ‘shoot a n***** in Walmart.’

“Upon learning of the existence of the video, we immediately consulted with the school’s administrators. We learned that law enforcement had been notified and that the College is cooperating with local officials and actively addressing the situation.”

So, just to recap: A little over a month ago, a young, racist white person shot and killed nearly a dozen Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo, and now a second young, racist white person has threatened to do the same thing in Tuscaloosa. That second young racist white person got charged with the vaguest and most minor form of misdemeanor and had her bond set at $500 making it a simple thing for her to be released back into the public and possibly follow through on her alleged threat.

This is America.


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