Civil Rights & Social Justice

Four years after her police killing, Breonna Taylor's life continues to matter because she deserved to live.

Onyx's attitude regarding the shooting and her road to recovery is both inspiring and heartbreaking.

Suzanne Craft will be in prison for nearly 10 years for racist and violent threats to an interracial couple and their children in Louisville.

Ex-Louisville officer, Myles Cosgrove, who shot and killed Breonna Taylor is getting a new job in law enforcement. 

The media coverage of Connor Sturgeon, the Louisville mass shooter, has been largely sympathetic to the young banker as if the disgruntled employee didn't kill five people and injure others.


At least five people were killed and at least six others were injured in a mass shooting in Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday morning, according to the police. Videos from the scene showed chaos.

Although Hankison will stand trial for charges related to the incident involving Taylor, no officer has been indicted on charges directly related to her death. Justice for Breonna Taylor continues to feel out of reach.

The upcoming criminal trial for Brett Hankison, a former Louisville police detective involved in Breonna Taylor's killing - but not charged for her killing Breonna Taylor -- will be open to the press, a Kentucky judge ruled Thursday, delivering him a legal setback.

Race Matters

It took more than 3 months to finally fire William Bennett, an ex-teacher at a Louisville high school where he was recorded on video fighting a Black student and using racist language to defend his actions.

The city of Louisville has agreed to pay $75,000 to a Black couple—Anthony Parker Sr. and his then-fiancé Demetria Firman, who were pulled over in 2018 for failing to use a turn signal, despite body-cam footage showing they had used their turning signal—under the condition that they don't talk bad about police.

The family of Ta'Neasha Chappell, a Louisville woman who recently died under questionable circumstances in Indiana police custody, has retained the services of the attorneys who represented the family of Breonna Taylor.