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Car Karen video

Source: Reddit

The mind of the Karen must be an interesting place. It’s as if there’s some kind of anomaly in the Caucasian woman’s DNA that causes them to stop and make a scene when the easiest thing for them to do was mind their business and keep it moving. Perhaps there’s some Order 66-like programming implanted into white women at birth that can be triggered by certain phrases like, “Leave me TF alone” or “I live here” or “I’m not bothering anyone” or “I don’t have to show you sh-t.” They hear any of these words and a switch is flipped in their brains causing them to go into Karen mode. (Honestly, when there are Black people around they don’t even need the code phrase. The sight of melanin where they don’t think it belongs is enough.)

Take this video posted to Reddit that shows a very angry white woman accosting a group of teenagers for committing the egregious crime of—*checks notes*—playing in the street.

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The video, which is being recorded by one of the teens, opens with the Karen in her car sarcastically telling one of them, “Oh, you are so f—king tough. Oh my god!” to which the teen holding the camera replied, “You have a great day. Sorry about what happened.”


Now, even I would never have guessed that “Have a great day” or “Sorry about that” were among the Order 66 Karen phrases that would set the woman off, but she responded to the teen who was clearly trying to deescalate the situation by saying, “How about you go f—k yourself.”

The teen then explains that he was “trying to be nice” to the woman as she begins to drive away. He then repeats that he was just trying to be nice and that she should “have a great day,” which appeared to have flipped her Karen switch again causing her to reverse her car aggressively with no discernable concern for the safety of the minors she’s upset at for no real reason.

The Karen threatened to take his phone, presumably because he was recording her. Of course, if she was worried about being recorded, the smart move would have been to continue driving away—but not this Karen. Instead, the white woman who doesn’t want to be recorded decided to get out of her Karen-mobile and charge aggressively at the teen while spewing expletives. 

So, at this point, you can see that a couple of the teens were Black—which isn’t really relevant this time except it could explain why not much needed to be said for this white woman to lose control over herself. At any rate, the teen holding the camera doesn’t appear to be Black. He does, however, appear to be the ultimate anti-Karen. It’s like, he has all the Karen energy but he uses his power for good. Just look at the way he goes back and forth with this crazy woman who is cursing at him and threatening him with violence while also repeatedly telling him, “You have no respect!” 

At one point during the heated exchange, this grown woman turns to one of the teens, pokes her chest out and says, “Do something, bro.” She also tells the teen with the camera she’s going to tell his parents, to which he responds by reminding her that she has no idea where he lives, to which she implies that she can easily find out. Of course, the real question is: What exactly would she tell the parents of a kid who has her on video cursing at him and threatening to “beat your a—”?

Eventually, the woman gets back in her car, pulls off and then reverses aggressively again so she can get back out and resume her verbal fight with the teenagers.

After she’s accused of trying to hit the teen holding the camera with her car, she gets out to confront him about recording her license plate, which only gave him a clearer shot at her plate while her car was parked.

Seriously, this might be the most counterintuitive Karen ever. What is wrong with these people?


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