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In today’s episode of Where’s a Folding Chair When You Need One? a new KK-Karen and KK-Ken video is circling the interwebs that shows a rabid white woman violently harassing a Black man at a casino while the white man trying to keep her under control calls the Black man a racial slur just for calling for security.

It’s a classic tale about Black people being damned if they do and damned if they don’t respond to white violence in a non-violent manner.

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The video begins with a white woman trying to physically attack the Black man who’s recording her while a white man struggles to hold her back.

“Record me!” the woman, who appears to be intoxicated, says as the man tries to calm her down unsuccessfully.

And while the white man appears to be the only person standing between the Black man and a Karens Gone Wild animal attack, he is certainly no friend to the man who appears to be guilty of nothing but minding his own business while Black.

“He’s a f*****g loser,” the man can be heard saying.

“Where the f**k are you from?” the woman asks the man as she kicks at the Black man.

The Black man, who has clearly had enough of this drunken thug’s threatening behavior, asks someone off-camera if security is coming, which prompted the man holding her back to let the Klan out of the bag.

“Stop being a little b***h, you f*****g n****r,” he said just before the video ended.

And there it is…


There were a lot of (mostly) white people scratching their heads last week wondering why Black people were going in so hard while celebrating the brawl in Montgomery.

Here’s a simple fact: Most of the time, Black people have no recourse for being subjected to white racism.

When viral videos depicting racist interactions with white people end in the white perpetrators suffering consequences including but not limited to losing their jobs—It’s a blessing, but not the norm. Most of the time when Black people are dealing with racist neighbors or random white people calling us the N-word, we’re left with two choices: fight and risk being arrested (or worse), or suck it up and move on. So, what we all saw while watching video footage of the Caucasian smackdown in Alabama was what we fantasize about every time we’re involved in a racist confrontation where we know it’s in our best interest to turn the other cheek.

In Montgomery, Black people turned white people’s cheeks red with their fists (and chairs) and it was a glorious thing to witness.

But nobody was there to come to the aid of a Black man being attacked by a white woman and then called the N-word by a white man in a “We the People” t-shirt he probably pretends reads “We, the White People.”

Casino security wasn’t even there.

As I’ve written before, “If you want to know whether a white person is racist or not, all you have to do is get them upset while being a Black person.”

It’s obvious the white man has used the slur before. The out-of-nowhere-ness of his use of the N-word reveals that he was an anti-Black racist long before he and his boozing Becky encountered a Black man at the casino they visited. It’s clear he doesn’t need much of an excuse to resort to blatant racism. In fact, it appears that literally all the cameraman did was exist as a Black person in close proximity to white people.

The Black man who recorded and posted the video, Devon Leslie Jr., posted on social media that the white woman “hit me in the face and kicked me in the back because I sat too close to her and her boyfriend.” This alone brings us back to a previous question: Where TF was security?

Again, there was no safe option for Leslie here. If he had gotten physical with the woman who was attacking him and subsequently had to fight her racist companion as well, he’s no longer looked at as the victim, he’s being a participant in public violence. He’d almost certainly end up in jail or worse. So he called for security, and the racist white man—besides calling him the N-word—called him a “b***h” for it, presumably because he was a man calling for security over a woman assaulting him. The racist will never admit that he has the complexion for the protection, meanwhile, Leslie is asking people online to help identify the white couple so he can find out if “they both were arrested” after the incident.

This is America, and this is why we fight!


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