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If you were to walk into a room filled with the 2010 Los Angeles Lakers or the 2009 New York Yankees and started calling them “losers” and “bums” and “chumps”, they’d probably look at you curiously, smirk a little bit and maybe even laugh out loud.

You could probably continue to insult them too—so long as you didn’t launch into any personal or family-based attacks—so amused would they be by you and so certain would they also be that you were some isolated nut that was also totally harmless.

Meanwhile, if you tried the same stunt with the 2010 New Jersey Nets, you’d likely end up beaten to a bloody pulp and rushed out of the room barely breathing.

Why is this, you think?

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Well, for the same reason there are no really good slurs against White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Most of the world is so convinced that a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant is the thing to be that if you were to try to insult one, your attempt would be viewed as more of an indication of your own psychological distance from reality and not that anything was wrong with the people you were attacking.

Why do you think that those nutty Nubian Islamic Hebrews are allowed to stand on street corners and read excerpts from the bible that they always seem to interpret as slurs against Europeans?

Why do you think that for so many years, the Nation of Islam was allowed to say so many shocking things against white people while simultaneously being (on the surface at least) protected by the police?

Why do Black comics poke such silly fun at white audience members?

Because the white people that they’re supposed to be attacking see anybody that verbally attacks white people as sufferers of sour grapes.

They almost feel sorry for their verbal attackers and as a magnanimous exercise, allow the attacks to continue if only to show the world that despite their own obvious greatness, they’re good sports as well.

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Now think about how Blacks react whenever other races insult us, most specifically, whenever other races use the “N-Word”.

Do we react like the Lakers, the Yankees or the Nets?

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