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For far too long, Brooklyn has been under the thumb of the lazy leadership of Congressman Ed Towns.

27 years of incompetency, corruption, and laziness have left our Congressional district lagging well behind the rest of Brooklyn. Ed Towns has had 27 years to help our families, improve our schools, and make a difference in our lives. He has failed. We must not yet again send lazy leadership back to Washington, hoping that this term, maybe, just maybe, Mr. Towns will start to work for Brooklyn. Fool us one time, shame on you. Fool us in 14 elections, shame on us.

While I am Congressman Towns’ opponent and political opponents tend to exaggerate, here are the facts:

Ed Towns has missed over 2000 votes in his 27 years, which is more than 74 votes per year. Lazy.

Ed Towns has only introduced successful six bills in 27 years which have become law, which is 0.22 per year. The late Senator Ted Kennedy had over 300. Lazy.

Ed Towns likes to tell us about his ability to bring federal dollars into the district and suggests that he has brought in over a billion dollars in 27 years. As the 26th highest-ranking member of Congress after 27 years, he should bring Speaker Nancy Pelosi money into Brooklyn. 2010? He’s ranked number 193 in earmarks. 2009? He’s 249. 2008? He’s 383. This year, he’s behind a 27-year-old first term REPUBLICAN Congressman from Illinois. All this while Democrats are in the majority in Congress. Lazy.

Ed Towns currently serves as Chairman of the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight. His committee has been ridiculed as an ineffective “Dog and Pony” show by the press. Furthermore, Mr. Towns has been personally blamed for allowing Republican Congressman Darrell Issa to slow down President Obama’s agenda of change. Perhaps Congressman Towns truly meant what he said in 2008 of President Obama, “We don’t need change.” Lazy.

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Ed Towns missed five of the six hearings his committee held looking into the collapse of the housing industry and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and AIG. His excuse? Vacation. Lazy.

Ed Towns has not been seen in entire communities in Brooklyn since the 1980s. He regularly refuses to face his constituents. He refuses to debate his opponents. He’s frequently at his luxurious “Friends of Angelo” Countrywide funded home in Florida or milling around Philadelphia for some strange reason. Not Washington. Not Brooklyn. Lazy.

Ed Towns personally sent $500,000 to Trinity Community Development Group and Empowerment Group Inc., which sounds like a respectable group, except that Trinity is a fake non-profit housed in an empty building that employed Ed Towns’ staffer. A year later, he tried to send Trinity another $5 million, but was only caught when the new Congress promised a new era of transparency and honesty in government. Actually, not lazy. Corrupt.

Ed Towns took a $1300 bribe to “buy a boat” from undercover police in 1982. Lazy and corrupt. Ed Towns tried to shakedown Civil Rights judge Maxine Archer through his personal attorney for $140,000 in 2000. Corrupt.

Ed Towns has decided South Korea will replace us in Afghanistan in a war that he believes is going well. Not lazy. Not corrupt. Preposterous.

Ed Towns. Preposterous. Corrupt. Lazy. And on Tuesday, September 14…finished.


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