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Rolling Stone has named Aretha Franklin the greatest singer of the rock era in a new poll. Ray Charles came in number 2 ahead of Elvis at number 3 and R&B legend Sam Cooke came in at number 4. Other notable African Americans to make the list were Marvin Gaye at number 6, Otis Redding […]

In an interview with Inside The Actor’s Studio host, James Lipton, Chappelle discussed the power of word and Maya Angelou. This was his first appearance on TV since he appeared on the same show last year.

Beyonce is publicly pleading her case to be cast as Comic Book Superhero, Wonderwoman. The LA Times has reported that she had a meeting with DC Comics about playing the Comic Book superhero in 2011.

When Bill Cosby entered the polling booth in his neighborhood last week, he carried with him photographs of his late parents and Jimmy, the kid brother who died in childhood. “I pulled out the pictures, pulled the curtain shut. And I said, `You guys are gonna vote.’ And they did, on one piece of paper,” […]

Ok, the 2008 Presidential Election is over; I have exhaled… a little. After all the media coverage on the events leading up to the first Black Democratic presidential nominee, CNN decides it needs a “comedy” show on the “most trusted name in news” network? Is this decision really trustworthy?

Oprah will be ending her popularly syndicated talk show in 2011, at the end of her 25th season. Unless she doesn’t. It all depends on who you talk to. David Zaslav, Discovery Communication’s president and CEO, the business partner work with Oprah on her soon-to-launch Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), said, “The expectation is that after […]

Fresh off the success of hi “Yes We Can” anthem, Will I Am of the Black Eyed Peas has debuted a new video, “It’s a New Day.” While the songs has no celebrity appearances like “Yes We Can,” there are several celebrity cameos. While there are no Obama references in the song, it is clearly […]

Will Smith appeared on Oprah yesterday and talked about his experience finding out that Obama would be president. He says he was with his family and cried uncontrollably. Watch Will Smith On Oprah After The Jump

There has been speculation on the state of Katt Williams since he missed an appearance on the Conan O’Brien show Wednesday. Early yesterday morning, he was arrested on weapons charges with a ten man entourage.

With President-elect Barack Obama’s historic election run now complete, Atlanta rap star Ludacris is finally breaking his silence on Obama’s marked criticism of his July dedication song.

UPDATE: Speculation of BMF Involvement in Stewart’s Death According to LiveSteez Police are also withholding official details about the untimely death. Still, speculation amongst industry insiders is beginning to make its rounds, with some suggesting that the demise of the A&R star might be related to his involvement with the infamous Black Mafia Family. Though […]

Attention, Mr. president-elect: Come Inauguration Day, Beyonce is at your service.