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Scarlett Johansson can laugh about it now, but the actress says she was embarrassed by the media coverage of her so-called “e-mail relationship” with Barack Obama.

“Since March, when I was accused of being racist for a statement I made about the influence of blacks on Obama’s historic campaign, people have been stopping me to express a common sentiment: If you’re white you can’t open your mouth without being accused of being racist. They see Obama’s playing the race card throughout […]

With all the controversy regarding rappers lyrics going on right now, from Nas’ protest of Fox News to Ludacris’ misguided Pro-Obama song, “Politics as Usual,” the media has been neglecting the negative lyrics of country music’s most popular star.

A new chapter has emerged in the struggle between legendary at-prankster, Bansky and his Jamaican photographer nemesis, Peter Dean Rickards. Rickards has allowed a dog to defecate on artwork  Banksy, had his face revealed to the world by a Jamaican photographer, Peter Rickards.