Here are some tips to help you get your tax refund back as fast as possible.

You have questions about the benefits of Urban One's debit card, One VIP? We've got you covered.

Many HBCUs across the nation understand the financial plight of their students and have pledged to use a combination of federal funds and private donations to completely clear out their debt and reshape the college experience overall.

ONE VIP is a digital banking card focused on furthering Black America’s prosperity and communities of color. ONE VIP has made it very easy to get started with digital banking, requiring no deposits, up-front fees, or credit checks.

For National Black Business Month, we spotlight these Black boutique owners, who are thriving in the fashion lane.


Following Haiti's mammoth 7.2 magnitude earthquake, one organization that keeps popping up on the "do not donate" list is the American Red Cross. Here's why.

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Although student loan forgiveness is a universal issue, Black students often have to take out more loans than their white counterparts, due in part to systemic racism.

Over the last week a viral meme catapulted into the internet, promising a piece of financial relief under the weight of student loans.

If you're a Black woman starting a business, you may want to check for Shelly Bell, the founder of Black Girl Ventures. The company was created with one purpose in mind: funding the businesses created by Black and brown women.

The haphazardly organized boycott of a minority-owned food company because its CEO lavished Donald Trump with praise has resulted in an apparent buying spree by the president's defiant supporters.

The principles of justice and equity should be enough to convince carriers to make their policies and practices more inclusive. But if they need more convincing, the clear economic imperative should do the job.