New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who continues to oppose bail reform, is unsure about the plan to close Rikers Island by 2027 as inmate deaths keep mounting.

Black people have for years been leading the chorus of criticism about Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who literally "ran" away from doing his job when being served a subpoena.

Black Twitter recently discovered and is reacting to Rachel Dolezal's OnlyFans account, which has existed since August 2021.

Electric cars are critical for reducing transportation emissions, but communities of color currently adopt this key technology at lower rates than white drivers.

A slew of internet users slammed Rihanna for doubling back on her solidarity with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

The consequences are unfolding for Brett Favre over his role in the Mississippi welfare scandal.

The person behind the term "alternative facts" cited nonexistent marijuana "overdose deaths."

The long-awaited showdown will finally take place next month in Savannah, Georgia. 

Jeff Roorda said he was fired to please Tishaura Jones, the city's first Black woman mayor.

The EPA is opening a new office that it says will double down on environmental justice efforts.

Shaun Lucas killed unarmed Black man Jonathan Price during a 2020 confrontation.

There is a ghost roaming the halls of Pickens County Museum in South Carolina and his name is Willie Earle.

Learn about changes to voting rights since 2020 and how to cast your ballot in the upcoming midterm elections.

The woman at the center of Emmett Till's death dictated “I Am More Than A Wolf Whistle” more than a decade ago. It represents the first time she has spoken openly about the case.

Brooklyn-bred mogul Jay-Z has invested in a Black-led finance app.

Jay-Z, who owns a cannabis company, is advocating for the release of a fan who reached out for help in his 20-year bid behind bars, caused by what he describes as "a substance that has become the ultimate green rush.”

Mogul Jay-Z and NBA star Chris Paul recently invested in a Black-owned vegan food brand.

While all of the 2021 nominees have arguably contributed to the music industry in their own way, Black art and Black artists, as well as their erasure, remain a central topic of conversation.

Beyoncé was snubbed the last time she was nominated for nine Grammys in 2017. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

Roc Nation has teamed up with Long Island University Brooklyn for the creation of a school.