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Social media users are sharing their theories about who mailed explosive devices that were sent apparently only to liberals.

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Fortunately, authorities intercepted several packages on Wednesday that contained homemade pipe bombs addressed to high-profile former officials, including President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Washington Post reported.

The suspicious packages were identified after an explosive device was found on Monday in the mailbox at the Bedford, New York home of liberal philanthropist George Soros. Packages were also intercepted on Wednesday sent to Attorney General Eric Holder and CIA Director John Brennan, as well as current California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.

President Donald Trump has criticized all the targets in various speeches and tweets, making the president a central figure in some of the conspiracy theories floating around social media.

Here are five of them:

Domestic terrorists are answering Trump’s dog whistles

The president defined himself as “a nationalist” at a rally in Houston on Monday, and his comment has sparked a lot of analysis. To some conspiracy theorists, it was a signal to target Trump’s perceived enemies.

Democrats are framing Republicans

Scores of conspiracy theorists believe that liberals are behind the attacks in an attempt to make conservative groups look guilty.

Voter suppression

For others, this is all part of the ongoing efforts to intimidate Democratic voters ahead of the critical 2018 midterm elections.

White nationalists have become domestic terrorists

Recent news about the close relationship between some GOP lawmakers and the violent white nationalist group Proud Boys raises suspicions.

Activists are behind this

Some conspiracy theorists are pointing the finger of guilt at activists who have protested corporations and the Dakota Access oil pipeline.


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