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The world of entertainment lost a true talent. Today (Sept. 6) we are sad to report that Michael K. Williams, best known for playing Omar Devone Little on HBO’s The Wire as well as Lovecraft Country, was found dead in his home. He was 54 years old.

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Though New York-born actor’s film and television credits span several decades, it was his turn as Baltimore’s most feared stick-up man that made him a star. As Omar, Williams stole from local hustlers but lived by a strict moral code, one that made him stand out amongst the criminals, crooked cops and corner boys in the critically-acclaimed series. In fact, President Barack Obama once remarked that not only was he a huge fan of The Wire, but that Omar Little, for all his flaws and fatal misadventures, was his favorite character.

Written by author and former police reporter David Simon, The Wire premiered on HBO June 2, 2002. The show covered five different institutions in the city of Baltimore and its relationship with law enforcement. During the shows five seasons, writers covered the illegal drug trade, the port system, city government, education and the news media.

Micheal K. Williams’ character Omar was a popular character who returned in multiple seasons. He played antagonist to Baltimore’s drug dealers, leading a team of stick up boys that robbed dealers all over the city.  The openly gay character had some of the best scenes, and greatest quotes.

One of the most memorable moments from Omar was during Bird’s Trial in season two. Omar was testifying in court and his occupation became the subject of interest in during trial. Omar’s willingness to tell everyone what he did was jaw dropping.

Ilene: And what is your occupation?

Omar: Occupation?

Ilene: What exactly do you do for a living, Mr. Little?

Omar: I rip and run.

Ilene: You…

Omar: I robs drug dealers.

Ilene: And exactly how long has this been your occupation, Mr. Little?

Omar: Well, I don’t know exactly. I venture to say maybe ’bout eight or nine years.

Ilene: Mr. Little, how does a man rob drug dealers for eight or nine years and live to tell about it?

Omar: Day at a time, I suppose.”


Years later, The Wire remains one of the most popular shows ever to air on cable television. As we reflect on the life and career of Michael K. Williams, we invite you to take a look back at the role that made us all fans.


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OMAR COMIN: The Very Best Of Michael K. Williams On ‘The Wire’  was originally published on

1. “Omar comin, yo”

2. “Money ain’t got no owners, just spenders”

3. “You come at the king, you best not miss.”

4. “Fixed it so he couldn’t sit right”

5. “Ain’t nobody gone talk to you”

6. “He ain’t man enough to come down to the street with Omar”

7. “It’s all in the game”

8. “I need to remind you who I am?”

9. “Man’s Gotta Earn A Livin”

10. “This Stanfield corner, huh?”